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Visa service

Livinfrance supports international students through the visa process to maximize their chances of obtaining a visa. 



Livinfrance guides you

As a specialist in the accompaniment of foreign students, we extend our expertise and help you with your visa application.

Benefit from the support of our experienced agents to prepare your visa application and maximize your chances of obtaining your visa by avoiding filling in incomplete or incorrect documents.

Did you know? In 100% of the requests for support received by our team , the candidate's visa application contained errors that could have led to a refusal of the visa application.

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Livinfrance, the platform that makes international students' life easier!

Livinfrance is an all-in-one free platform for international students, and helps them every step of their installation in France. 

Getting your visa, finding accommodation : for each step, we have a suitable solution for international students!

Register now on our platform and get the best support during your preparation and installation in France (100% free)!

Increase your chances of getting your student visa


Required documents




Your travel document must have been issued less than 10 years ago and : 

Short stay 

Valid for at least 3 months longer than the date you plan to leave the Schengen area


Long stay

Valid for at least 3 months after the expiry date of the requested visa

Proof of accommodation

Rental agreement signed by both parties (tenant and owner)

I get a housing in Livinfrance >


Certificate of honour + copy of identity card + proof of accommodation

I get a housing certificate >

Purpose of travel/stay

Countries - Études en France:

- Certificate of pre-registration issued by the EEF-Pastel application

Other countries

- Certificate of pre-registration (or registration) in a higher education institution

I check if my country belongs to the Études en France procedure >

Proof of


Proof of a minimum monthly income of 615 euros


- Certificate of scholarship

- Certificate of permanent and irrevocable bank transfer 

- Attestation of financial support from a parent with a copy of his/her identity card.



Your ID photos must meet ICAO standards

The government has put in place the following document so that you can ensure that your passport photos meet the standards.

I check the conformity of my photos >

Travel/Health Insurance

We recommend that you have travel/health insurance for the first 3 months of your stay in France. 

This document will show to the consular authorities that you have foresight and are aware of accidents that may occur during your study period. 

This coverage is a real asset in your visa application! 

Get covered with Livinfrance >

The #1 platform dedicated to international students.


Everything you should know to be prepared for your study in France ! Visa, housing, insurances and more !

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