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About LivinFrance

A Lille entrepreneurial story since 2016.

LivinFrance is a Lille start-up founded in 2016 by Eden Gourcerol.

While talking with an international student from his promotion at the Catholic University of Lille, he noticed a real confusion in a number of procedures related to his arrival in France. Housing, insurance, bank account, French procedures seem particularly unsuitable for foreign students. In question: the administrative burden, the language barrier, or even cultural differences.


He then launched the challenge of facilitating studies in France for foreigners in France by founding LivinFrance. Today, the platform centralizes all the necessary procedures, before, during and after studying in France: from accommodation to visas, including health and home insurance, the issuance of certificates and the explanation of administrative procedures. .


international students

supported in 5 years


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165 Avenue de Bretagne

Euratechnologies, 59000 Lille

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