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Travel insurance for European students in France 

LivinFrance  works with the best partners to offer you suitable travel insurance for your stay in France. Thanks to Cap Student, benefit from appropriate and complete coverage!

Travel insurance with LivinFrance is:

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Covid-19: adapted guarantees

LivinFrance has negotiated exclusive guarantees related to Covid-19 for you.

  • Medical and hospitalization costs (including PCR tests) in the event of contracting Covid-19 at destination as well as medical repatriation recommended by the assistance platform.

  • The extension of stay if I am sick with Covid-19 at destination.

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Coverage of medical expenses

Your medical expenses will be covered in the event of sudden illness, unlimited from the 1st euro spent.

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Presence of a relative in the event of hospitalization

If you have to be hospitalized, we pay the return ticket and hotel costs so that someone from your family can come see you!

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The insurance made for you

College amis

This insurance is made for you if:

  • You are between 12 and 40 years old

  • You are a resident of a country in the European Economic Area, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein in the DROMs, New Caledonia and French Polynesia.

  • If you have a student job, you will also be covered!

  • You justify a university registration or an internship agreement in France.

You are not a European student?

Discover our travel insurance dedicated to international students >


Cap Student contract 

Rates based on length of stay


Price 1*

Rate 2*

1 month


38 €

2 months

55 €

76 €

3 months

80 €

112 €

4 months

102 €

148 €

5 months

125 €

184 €

6 months

150 €

220 €

7 months

175 €

256 €

8 months


292 €

9 months

222 €

326 €

10 months

246 €

362 €

11 months

270 €

398 €

12 months

289 €

428 €

*European students with a European health insurance card can benefit from tariff 1. European students without a European health insurance card will benefit from tariff 2.

In partnership, LivinFrance offers you the best travel insurance for your studies in France

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