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The latest updates

The LivinFrance platform is getting a makeover! For your students, a more functional and intuitive interface, and for you, a more complete dashboard, full of features! Are we showing you around?

💡 Some updates presented are not quite ready to show up yet... Don't panic, it's happening very quickly, stay tuned!

On the side of the management interface


Full of statistics!

We have redesigned all the statistics on your dashboard, to better understand and better adapt your communications in real time!

Invite your students directly via your space

Easy as pie ! You enter their email, we take care of the rest.

(👀 We see you coming: yes, it respects the GDPR:Click hereto know more)


Simplified one-to-one management

In a few clicks, access the progress of your students in their installation. 

On the side of the student platform


A brand new dashboard

And that's just a preview! Log on to your student platform to find out what's new. 

We do social!

The new platform comes with a social dimension: simplified access to our weekly webinars, but also to our Facebook groups, to make friends even before arriving!

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